Rockwork, Boulders,

& Wholesale Rock Services

Rocks are available in sizes ranging from 2 lbs to over 2 tons!
Bulk hauling capacity of up to 20 tons.

Landscaping? Choose rocks and boulders!
The look you want with sustainability in mind.

  • The Economical Solution- Conserve water and reduce the need for mulch by incorporating natural rocks into your landscape!
  • Right from the Source- We harvest stone directly from land we control and pick our selection by hand, so there is no middleman to drive up prices
  • The Long-term Solution- Unlike mulch, rocks don't need to be replaced or refreshed year after year
Mount Desert Island
big rocks
rocks on truck
big rocks

Need a ton of rocks? Need 20 tons? No problem!
Bulk Capacity, transport, design, and wholesale delivery available!
We have the capacity to make any project simple.